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About Us

Mission Statement:

Shauna Olivia Studios is fully devoted to providing students of all ages an encouraging environment where they can learn to grow and feel supported and connected in the space around them. We strive to deliver quality dance instruction through caring, friendly, professional dance teachers, who create a welcome environment and respect their artistry. Our focus is to encourage and nurture creativity within our students and aim to develop both personal and social skills, allowing them to feel valued and confident as a well-rounded performer.


We are a performing arts school based in Canterbury and had a vision of creating a school that can not only deliver outstanding technique in ISTD, LAMDA and Acrobatic Arts examinations but also create a fun, entertaining showcases each year round. We have a lot of events and student experiences lined up, which include group trips to professional musicals and industry lead, professional workshops, that will help expand their cultural awareness. Our aim is to explore the students creativity, nurture their talent and inspire them to achieve their full potential and by having passionate, caring professional teachers to help guide them through this process, we can achieve just that.

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Listen to what some of our past students have to say.

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