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Please find the correct uniform for the specified classes below. If you wish to place an order, please use the following links to our online stores:

Orders will be dispatched within 7-10 working days but please note this may change in busy periods, where it should arrive between 2-3 weeks.


Correct uniform is important for various reasons. It is imperative for the safety of the students while dancing that they have material they can move in and that is breathable. This is so the body can move freely and to regulate their body temperature. The tight fitting clothing also allows the teacher to see the students body alignment and therefore see if they are dancing safely and give corrections if necessary. Uniform can make the students feel like part of a team and create a social bond, which in turn helps them to feel more comfortable around each other while performing in class. Please see the list of uniform below for specific graded classes.

Please note -

                     Under no circumstances should students be wearing any jewellery other than 1 pair of studs in their ears. 

Uniform: Student Life
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